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The physical conditions of the Kaplan Medical Center do not, unfortunately,  reflect the excellence of its medical departments and  healthcare service it provides to over 700,000 residents under its care (10% of Israel’s population). The outdated and cramped facilities not only cause hardship to the many patients under the hospital’s care, but also limit the KMC’s ability to provide care to larger number of people in need of healthcare services.

We hope that you will join the ranks of the KMC’s friends and supporters in the U.S. and help us in achieving the goals of the Kaplan Medical Center to provide an even better medical care to the citizens of the State of Israel. .  Please note that contributions of any amount are matched dollar for dollar by the KMC’s parent organization, the CLALIT.



All contributions to the American Friends of the Kaplan Medical Center are tax-deductible to the extend of the law.

General Fund:
By contributing to this fund, in any amount, you will allow us to use our discretion to allocate the funds to the KMC’s needs and priorities.

Earmarked Contributions:
Your contribution, in any amount, to a specific project will be fully allocated for this purpose. You may also  want to chose from our NAMING OPPORTUNITIES menu should you want to dedicate a facility in any of our existing or future medical structures.

Any gift in honor, in memory or for any other occasions of your choices provided (Link to the donate on line page) may be designated for non-earmarked or earmarked purposes.  Whether it is on the occasion of a birth, a Bar or Bat-Mitzvah, a wedding, in memory of a loved one or “just because”, your contribution , in any amount, will be greatly appreciated.

Matching funds:
Many companies have a matching contributions program for their employees.  If you are employed in one of those companies, your contribution will be greatly enhanced by a matching fund from your company.  If you are an owner or a manager of such a company, you may want to list the KMC as one of the charities of your choice and encourage your employees, interested in the pro-Israeli causes, to join with you in this effort.

Information about Legacy and Wills is available should you choose to link, in perpetuity, your name or that of a loved one, with the Kaplan Medical Center.  Please contact us and we shall gladly provide all the necessary details.

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