Nepal Rescue

Top Docs” of Kaplan Medical Center, Rehovot, Israel on IDF/ Israel Mission to Save Lives in Nepal

– Adapted from Israel’s Ynet news – feature story published May 5, 2015
– And from reports from the Israeli Foreign Ministry, and the Prime Ministers’ Office.

On Monday April 27, 2015, Israeli international aid went into action again, setting up the first and largest foreign contingent to set up a field hospital for Nepal earthquake victims.

In the current Israeli rescue mission, Dr. Adi Nimrod was charged with acting as the head of the ICU of the Israeli field hospital, along with Dr. Lynn Guy, Trauma and Surgery Chief for both the Israeli field hospital, and at Kaplan.

nepal-1(Photo at left: Dr. Adi Nimrod treating Major Tomer Bouhadana during the 2nd Lebanon War)

Per Ynet – ” image … etched in the Israeli psyche!”




Background details:
• The Nepal disaster has claimed the lives of more than 8,700 people
• More than 100 foreign delegations participated in the rescue effort
* Israel’s aid team to Nepal was the largest in manpower of any international aid mission.
• The Israeli Field hospital treated more than 1600 casualties
• The earthquake of magnitude 7.8 that hit Nepal was the hardest that the country known for more than 80 years.
• Kaplan Medical Center’s Dr. Nimrod “flew to Nepal as director of an IDF Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and works around the clock, saving the lives of hundreds of Nepali patients.”
Ynet article with more details: –,7340,L-4654017,00.html
“We left our families to save lives!”
• Israeli ICU team in Nepal led by iconic doctor
– After becoming national symbol during the Second Lebanon War, Dr. Adi Nimrod saves lives in Nepal.
Ynet- 5.5.15 – Itay Blumenthal

nepal-2His name may not be well known but the photo in which Dr. Adi Nimrod can be seen treating the wounds of Major Tomer Bohadana, who was seriously wounded during the Second Lebanon War, is etched into the Israeli psyche. Today, Dr. Nimrod is saving lives in Nepal at the IDF field hospital in the capital Kathmandu.

In the passages between tents at the hospital, Israeli and Jewish volunteers from around the world recognize the doctor whose photo became one of the prominent symbols of the Second Lebanon War. Dr. Nimrod flew to Nepal as director of an IDF Intensive Care Unit (ICU) and works around the clock, saving the lives of hundreds of Nepali patients, some of whom were seriously injured in the tragedy that claimed the lives of over 7,500 people.

“There’s been a lot of work over the last week,” said Dr. Nimrod. “We have an amazing level of cooperation with the local hospitals in Kathmandu. We have serious and complicated patients. Some of them were injured in the earthquake and some of them underwent intricate orthopedic operations before coming to us for treatment because of the high quality of the hospital.

“We are three department heads who came especially from Israel. We left our families at home in order to save lives. There are lots of backpackers and volunteers who came to help us; it really warms the heart and increases everyone’s motivation.”

The military hospital in Kathmandu is already used to questions about the doctor in the ICU. “I recognized him immediately,” said Hani who came to volunteer in the hospital during her vacation in Nepal. “I came up and asked him where I know him from. After talking with my friend, we saw his picture on the internet treating Tomer Bohadana who’s making the ‘V’ symbol during the Second Lebanon War. It’s inspiring. He’s always in the difficult places where he has to save people’s lives.” … continued – see link

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Nepal Rescue

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