Mission Statement


The Mission Statement of the Kaplan Medical Center includes:

  • To become a center of medical  excellence in providing a quality of professional and service care;
  • The patients and their family members are and will be the focus of KMC’s activities, providing  high quality professional, up-to-date treatments and humane care, while preserving patient’s dignity and rights;
  • The KMC will continue to act in full cooperation with the community to ensure the health of its residents and to assure a continuum of the health care provided to them;
  • To become and serve as a model for environmental care ensuring that the future construction development will be “green”, providing a healthy work and care environment;
  • The KMC will continue to be a medical center which attracts high quality professional and services personnel.


The Kaplan Medical Center will play a critical role in Israel’s social and economic vitality by creating jobs and offering professional training, creating opportunities for positive cross-cultural interactions.

The Advancement in the Manufacturing Sector and Service Industry

  • The major developments taking place in the manufacturing sector and the service industry in Northern Israel have helped to maintain the high level of residential influx that began in the 1990’s with immigration from the Former Soviet Union and Ethiopia, creating opportunities for a better way of life but also the need for careful planning so that adequate resources an support structures are in place.

Meeting Needs in a Holistic Way

  • Kaplan will wholly satisfy the needs of these vibrant an ethnically diverse communities, bringing a higher quality of life, greater understanding across peoples and providing economic an professional opportunity within the hospital across many sectors to include medical training, the service industry (food, laundry, etc.) facility maintenance jobs, management opportunities and administrative support positions. Kaplan recognizes that while health and jobs are important, the interconnectivity of people an resources is critical – for that reason, Kaplan will play a significant role as a broker in bringing people and resources together through its partnership with civic and business organizations in the communities the hospital serves.

A Physical Pant to Reflect High Caliber Services

  • While Kaplan has always provided innovative and pioneering medical techniques, high caliber patient care, groundbreaking research and progressive physician training, the hospital envisions transformations of the current facilities in a state-of-the art campus that reflects the superb level of care an research that has always been Kaplan’s trademark.

Improving the Hospital’s Physical Plant

  • Improvements to the Hospital’s physical plant will allow Kaplan to appropriately house high-tech equipment to host an ever-growing number of clientele – including both outpatients an inpatients – and to crate new and strengthened revenue streams that support the sustainability of services.
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