Facts & Figures

The Kaplan Medical Center (KMC), located in Rehovot, Israel, was established in 1953 and is one of the largest hospitals in the Clalit network, the country’s largest healthcare provider. Serving the center of the country, KMC is renown in Israel for the excellent medical services it provides to the over 700,000 people – 10% of Israel’s population — in its catchment area. This includes:

  • 39% of Israel’s Ethiopian community
  • Large community of immigrants from the FSU
  • Large Sephardic community
  • Large minority population

Most of the people under KMC’s care are of middle to low socio-economic status. Many have community specific health issues and depend heavily on the hospital’s services.

Aerial view of the campus of the Kaplan Medical Center

Area: 60 Acres(241 Dunums)
Built Area: 23 Acres( 93 Dunums)

Academic Accreditations & Education

  • Affiliated with the Hebrew University Medical School i Jerusalem.
  • Accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI)
  • Teaching Hospital.
  • Over 40 wards accredited for residency training.
  • Nursing School.
  • School for radiology technicians.
  • School for immigrant physicians.

Operational Statistics

Operating Budget: $140,000,000.00 (NIS 500,000,000.00)

Employees 2209
Physicians 438
Nurses 984
Sanitary personnel & other services 787
Hospital Beds 685
General 535
Day Care 75
Dialysis 10
Newborns 60
Operating Rooms 10
Ambulatory Operating Rooms 4
Emergency Stations 26
General ER 17
Gyn. ER 7
Pediatric ER 2
E.R. Visits 130,000
Admissions 60,000
Hospitalization days 177,000
Outpatients visits 255,000
Surgeries 15,000
Deliveries 6,500
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