Our Friends


Over the years, the Kaplan Medical Center and its Friends of Kaplan Medical Association have been actively seeking support for its various projects and medical equipment needs from the local community and individuals. Not  all of the events were designed to solicit only the financial support, but also to enhance its ties with the community and create awareness of the KMC’s availability of diversified health care and excellence of its medical facilities.

The local Ethiopian immigrants Community Choir performing at the KMC’s Awareness Fair

 During the course of 2011, there were a number of gala events and parlor meetings which resulted in contributions of over $250,000.00.  It needs to be reiterated that the Clalit , the hospital’s parent organization, matches dollar for dollar any contribution received both in Israel and elsewhere.

The United States

Beginning in the late 2010, the American Friends of the Kaplan Medical Center had actively embarked on launching the Kaplan Medical Center in the United States by reaching out to the existing supporters of the hospital and by building an ever-growing base of community events in various parts of the country

One of the most visible supporters of the KMC is the ORIGINS (www.youtube.com/foigm), the young leadership (ages 17-21) of the FRIENDS OF ISRAEL (FOI) (www.foi.org), a Christian organization dedicated since 1938 to the Jewish people and to the State of Israel. The Origins has been organizing annual trips to Israel during which they volunteer two weeks from their itinerary to do manual work at the Kaplan Medical Center, as a tangible expression of their support of the people of Israel .

 The direct result of the Origins’ volunteer work at the KMC has been an ever-growing interest in the hospital by the national leadership of the Friends of Israel (FOI). Beginning in November 2010 and throughout 2011, the regional FOI’s leadership had organized a number of community-wide events benefitting the KMC’s Pediatric Hospital project. The contributions received during these events had supplemented a foundation’s grant for the purchase of a state-of-the-art Pediatric Respirator which will save lives of innumerable children (ages 0-6 and 6-16).

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