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May 17-19, 2011 – three events in Grand Rapids, MI

May 17-19, 2011 – three events held in Grand Rapids and Frankentmuth, MI were attended by over 300 Christian participants under the leadership of the Rev. Timothy Munger, the FOI’s leader in the Midwest, with the participation of Mr. Shai Alderoty, the Director of Marketing at the Kaplan Medical Center. Rev. Timothy Munger & Mr. […]


Dec. 11, 2011 – A delegation of the Texas State Legislators, judges and  the leadership of the Jewish Federation of Greater Houston visited Kaplan Medical Center  to learn and witness  its medical  staff ‘s and facilities’  preparedness to  care for terrorism victims as well as  the hospital’s readiness  in the event of other hostilities  such […]


On January 2, 2012, in the presence of an assembled audience of 450 invited guests and citing the new pediatric center as a ” revolution in pediatric medicine”, Prof. Jacob Yahav, the CEO of Kaplan Medical Center, cut the ribbon and dedicated the new KMC’s IDA CABAKOFF PEDIATRIC MEDICAL CENTER, after the Chief Rabbi of […]

Kaplan Medical Center cares for Ukrainian Wounded

While the world is witnessing Chaos in the Ukraine, the Kaplan Medical Center is working to heal the Ukrainian victims shot while protesting for democratic rights. See KMC in the Media, and the video of Ukrainian protests and recovery in Israel. Ukrainian protesters shot – Recover at Kaplan Medical Center

Video – Injured Ukrainians Find Specialized Care in Israel – i24news

See latest 3 minute video link to the international news story with Ukrainian protest victims airlifted to Israel for treatment at the Kaplan Medical Center: Injured Ukrainians Find Specialized Care in Israel – i24news

03.05.2013 – Baptist pledges life insurance pay to Kaplan Hospital

By JUDY SIEGEL-ITZKOVICH Volunteer pledges that upon his passing, his life insurance money would be used to purchase advanced medical equipment for the hospital. CLAUDE JEWETT poses with a nurse, patients Photo: (Courtesy Kaplan Medical Center) A 66-year-old Protestant from Midland, Texas, who is voluntarily renovating the pediatric pavilion at Rehovot’s Kaplan Medical Center, surprised management on […]

03.07.2013 – Female staffers mark Int’l Women’s Day at Kaplan

By JUDY SIEGEL-ITZKOVICH 03.07.2013 All staffers from physicians and nurses to paramedical workers are women at Rehovot hospital’s emergency department. ZOHAR KATUA smiles between female medical staffers at the Rehovot hospital yesterday. Photo: Kaplan Medical Center Although women’s representation in medical schools has reached 50 percent, hospital staff is still mostly men. But at Kaplan […]

04.05.2013 – Passing pediatrician delivers baby outside entrance

By JUDY SIEGEL Doctor on the way to lecture delivers baby of woman found in labor in Rehovot hospital public bathroom. NEW MOTHER Rotem Bar (left) and Dr. Hanni Olivestone pose with the newborn at Kaplan Medical Center Photo: Courtesy Kaplan Medical Center A pediatrician passing by the public women’s bathroom near the main entrance to Kaplan […]

04.08.2013 – Chance encounter reunites Moldovans

By JUDY SIEGEL-ITZKOVICH Elderly patient and volunteer at Kaplan Medical Center realize on Remembrance Day they grew up in the same part of Moldova. Hospital bed Photo: Wikicommons A 101-year-old patient at Kaplan Medical Center in Rehovot and a 92-year-old volunteer in the orthopedics department who met on Sunday, the eve of Holocaust Remembrance Day, realized that […]

05.01.2013 – Two are nearly blinded by Lag Ba’omer air-rifle hijinks

By JUDY SIEGEL-ITZKOVICH Niv Nir, a 13-year-old girl from Gan Yavne, and Omer Sabag, a 23-year-old man from Ashdod hurt in identical incidents. OMER SABAG (left) and Niv Nir (right), who suffered similar eye injuries this week Photo: Courtesy Kaplan Medical Center A teenage girl and a young man almost lost their sight earlier this week in […]

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